What Brings You Joy

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Let’s start with something real...

There is Suffering!!

The first Noble truth, the teaching of the Buddha.

Life can truly send us some serious and unexpected curveballs, the way we face these situations can say a lot about who we are.

Fortunately, there are many people out there who choose to face each day with a feeling of joy. This positive and uplifting energy can be a real benefit to others and to society.

I have 5 tips I use daily to add joy to my life.

1. Practice Kindness

I put this as the first thing on the list because in my opinion, it works like magic!

You might have heard this quote.

“In the world you can be anything... Be KIND”

Why? Because the act of kindness will bring you joy! It’s so simple and yet profound. 

2. Laugh at my own hideous Thoughts

The more awareness I have that I’m not my thoughts. The more I see my thoughts like songs on an old iPod shuffle (AKA brain). They are random!

The key is not to get rid of the songs but to become aware of them and just laugh it off... some thoughts are just pure crazy... Don’t take it so seriously.

3. Stay Active

I try to move everyday. Daily Yoga Practice, nice long walk, swim or just dance! One thing I started to become more and more aware of is that I don’t move for the sake of feeling like I have to do something. I move because it makes me feel amazing! 

4. Live in the moment

You might hear your yoga teacher (or me) say that a lot... “Feel your breath and come back to this moment” Why? Refer back to point 2...”Hideous Thoughts” if you get caught up in that.. It can really take you to a rabbit hole full of “Days of our Lives” moments.

Come back to breath will help you break that chain of thoughts and bring you back to the now which usually isn’t as dramatic as your own thoughts.

5. Take in Nature

Since I have started “Yoga by the Beach” I have to say, I’m smiling without having to have any reasons. I hold the sound of the ocean and the sunshine responsible for that.

Being in and around nature can absolutely feed your soul and provide a deep feeling of joy.

Find a time in each day to appreciate the world around you, and your happiness levels will certainly climb.

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