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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

I remembered one day, I was greeting students before class.

Rob, one of my students walked in. I noticed his energy and how upbeat he was. 

I’ve asked him the usual greeting “How are you?” 

He said “I’m amazing” 

I noticed how my physical body shifted as if I became lighter and more energised just by listening to his answer. 

I responded “Wow, that’s so nice to hear. What happened today?” 

He replied “I woke up and decided, today is going to be a good day and I’m here and I will get to practice yoga. Life is great.”

He was my Guru!!

From that day, I’ve been experimenting with myself and I become aware of the power I have to choose what state of mind I want to be in and experience from.

I would like to share with you my daily practice to help me remember that “I’m Amazing”

1. Become aware. 

Noticing my own inner voice is one of the most important part of the practice. The most effective way to become more aware is to get quiet. Do nothing and just sit still... you can call it “Meditation” 

I’ve heard many people ask “What should I listen to when I meditate?” 

My answer would be “Your own thoughts”

The usual response would be “But my mind is so busy and I just want to relax” 

My reply would be “Then just watch a comedy show, don’t meditate”

If you think you can run away and get rid of your thoughts by sitting still and meditating... The chance is that you will never get there. 

Perhaps start listening to your own thoughts with full acceptance and keep practicing with loving kindness. Pretend that you are getting to know your thoughts like meeting new friends. Be attentive and curious. Don’t expect to become friends with your thoughts straight away. It takes time to build relationships. Once you have built the relationship then you can started to guide your mind to see how amazing life is!

2. Practice gratitude for ordinary moment.

I become more and more grateful of all the little things that I usually take for granted. Like the sunshine on my skin, the sound of the laughter of my children, the clean air I breathe in and the clothes dryer on rainy days.

Gratitude helps lifting the state of my mind, the more I feel this sense of gratitude, the better I feel in my body and my mind. Then every little thing becomes Extraordinary! I like to call it “The Radical Okayness” (I heard from someone which I can’t remember so I can’t give credit to)

3. Stop comparing and shifting to sympathetic joy.

This used to be my downfall. Comparison is a waste of time and energy. It created the sense of separation and isolation. One of Brahmavihara (4 sublime attitudes) is Mudita - Sympathetic Joy. It’s the state of joy that came from being happy when seeing others become happy. The more I practice this, the more I stop comparing and now I naturally wish everyone joy and happiness. Doesn’t the sound of that make you feel amazing already!

4. Give myself credits 

It was easy when I was young to be proud of any achievements I’ve received. The older I get and perhaps the change of culture, I realised that “being proud” of my achievement becomes harder.  It’s so easy to slip into the “not good enough” basket. My practice is to change my inner dialogue and constantly give myself praise for all my efforts, even if I failed. That way, I no longer wait for any compliments, any awards or any big achievements. I give myself credit for showing up, do my thing and that’s enough.

5. Do what I love

When I keep doing what I love, I spend time and effort to master the skills. I become better and better at what I do. It’s a great boost of confidence and joy. It doesn’t matter what I do, as long as I enjoy myself. I feel amazing!

For you it could be a swim in the ocean, going for a hike, practicing yoga or just dance. Keep doing what you love and check in with how you feel.

Wishing everyone Peace, Joy and pure Awesomeness

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