Ying Bean Yoga
I help Yoga students find joy in a yoga

Quick snap about ME

- I was born and raised in Thailand.

- I teach Yoga (Obviously)

- I love facilitating workshops and Teacher Training.


Here are some of my past events...

  • Foundation of Vinyasa Yoga

  • DIY Photoshoot for Social Media

  • Mindful Kids Retreat

  • Kid Yoga Teacher Training

  • Couple Massage & Yin Yoga

  • Yin & Balls

  • Vegan Thai Cooking Class

Ying Bean
I help Yoga students find joy in a yoga

Ying Bean was born and raised in Thailand. In 2004, she moved to Australia to study

and experience life in a foreign country.

Ying’s journey to yoga began over 11 years ago after having two children and running a childcare centre.

She completed 200 hours of Vinyasa teacher training with Janine Leagh in 2014.

Ying experienced profound benefits from practicing yoga and started sharing the gift of yoga with the children at her childcare centre after completing Zenergy Kids teacher training courses with Loraine Rushton.


With her dedication to growth, she continued her training with Tara Judelle in 2015,

Duncan Peak in 2016, Sarah Owen in 2017, and Simon Park in 2019.


Ying has over 500 hours of training in a wide range of teaching styles.

Ying teaches with her own unique blend of authenticity, wisdom, and joy.

Her Vinyasa classes are challenging, fun and uplifting, and her Yin classes are better described as a journey of reconnecting to self through yoga and Buddhist philosophy.

With her latest journey, she is completing in B-School with Marie Forleo

which makes her realise the art of blending in business and a joyful passion.

As a solo full-time Yoga teacher with over 6 years of experience in the wellness industry. Ying is passionate about sharing with other yoga teachers/ wellness entrepreneurs about how to create a purposeful business that creates sustainable income so you can continue to do what you are here to do with love and serve others.


Ying Bean Art

- I got a Science Degree... (Many decades ago)

- I love watermelon

- My Yoga practice started when I was 30... and I have been practicing for 10 years. Now you know my age.

- I love Oil painting. See some of my work on my IG @yingbean.art

- My favourite pose is Savasana... Who else is with me?